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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration

Bob Marley’s rise to becoming a global pop culture icon was an unlikely one. Hailing from a so-called third world country and playing a style of music barely known in the rest of the world, his odds for international success weren’t great. He ended up becoming way more than a “mere” musician - an ambassador of peace and love, a spokesperson for the poor, a symbol for a lifestyle. “Rastaman Vibration” was his first US top 10 album, but it interestingly doesn’t include any of the songs that would end up on his famous 1984 hit collection “Legend”. The lack of overplayed, ubiquitous hits works in its favor. It is a cohesive album, one that showcases what made him so great, musically and lyrically. Even when he told heartbreaking or infuriating stories of loss and injustice, his message of positivity and hope prevailed.

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