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Rancid - ...And Out Came The Wolves

Rancid - ...And Out Came The Wolves

Sometimes, the stars align and everything comes together perfectly. Enter Rancidís ďÖAnd Out Come The WolvesĒ. Commercially, the timing couldnít have been better. It was the mid-90ís and punk rock had just become the next big thing. Again. And Rancid were ready. They were firing on all cylinders and packed an unreal amount of sublime hooks on this album. They never let up all the way to the last of the albumís 19 songs. And they did all that without becoming soft at all. Both Armstrongís and Frederiksenís gritty, snotty singing styles and their honest storytelling ensured that they didnít lose the streets on their way to stardom. Did I mention the ridiculous amount of genius hooks? Punk rock perfection.

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