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Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

Thereís a long history of musicians flirting with the devil, especially in guitar-dominated genres such as rock and blues. Robert Johnson even sold his soul to him in exchange for devilishly great guitar skills. The Resurrection Band took a different path. Their debut ďAwaiting Your ReplyĒ from 1978 rocked as hard as Led Zeppelin, but in the lyrics they praised the lord. Something unheard of at the time. They became one of the forerunners of Christian Rock. But even if they had sung about anything else, this would be a stand-out album. Husband and wife Glenn and Wendi Kaiserís soulful yet gruff voices work brilliantly with the heavy riffing, thunderous drumming and the saxophone and harmonica flourishes sprinkled in throughout the album. An underappreciated classic rock gem.

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