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Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps From The Move

Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps From The Move

Hanoi Rocks combined everything that was great about the Stones, the New York Dolls and Guns N’Roses (to name a few). They were flamboyant and grandiose, but also sleazy and gritty and most important of all: amazing songwriters. Their crowning achievement was “Two Steps From The Move”. You get straight rockers like “I Can’t Get It” (the best Hanoi Rocks song ever?), arena-ready bangers like “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” but also pure beauty best exemplified by “Don’t You Ever Leave Me”, one of the best 80’s rock ballads. Had this song been released with the proper marketing budget just a few years later, I am certain it would have been a major hit. Hanoi Rocks had everything to become superstars in the MTV-ruled 80’s, but fate wasn’t on their side. They still became cult heroes and it’s not too late to discover them now.

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