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Klaatu - 3:47 Est

Klaatu - 3:47 Est

Here’s a fun conspiracy theory for a change. After Klaatu released their debut album in 1976, millions of people thought they were in reality none other than The Beatles - reunited in disguise. The rumor started with Steve Smith, a journalist who worked for the Providence Journal. He liked the Beatles-esk sound of the album (especially on the song “Sub-Rose Subway”) and wanted to find out more about them, but there were no individual credits on the album and their record company claimed that they didn’t know anything about the band members, either. He published an article theorizing that Klaatu might actually be The Beatles. It snowballed. More and more clues emerged and the “Klaatu Konspiracy” spread - even to the actual former Beatles. Paul McCartney reportedly was “having a laugh watching all the rumors swirling”. It turned out that Klaatu was “just” Klaatu, but this album is still well worth a listen. It is a very diverse record with a psychedelic edge - much more than to just a Beatles knock-off.

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