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Brutus - Unison Life

Brutus - Unison Life

Stefanie Mannaerts’ vocals are haunting and beautiful at the same time. And they are front and center on Brutus’ amazing album “Unison Life” She said that she wanted every song to feel like the last song they’ll ever write and the emotional intensity of this album couldn’t be described better. All so-called “post” genres - whether it’s post-metal, post-rock or post-hardcore (which would probably be the tag most people would assign to this album) - tend to succeed at creating a vibe, but sometimes lack punch. Not this one. There is plenty of desperate aggression mixed in. It’s impressive what powerful yet echoey sound they are able to create with their power trio line-up (somehow Stefanie also manages to be the drummer). It sets the perfect stage for the catchy but unconventional vocal melodies that Stefanie present in such a passionate way it almost hurts. 

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