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Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute

Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute

Punk has historically been a vessel for the political and the personal. Rise Against brought the two together perfectly on their 2003 sophomore album “Revolutions Per Minute”. It was a time when many people - especially the traditionally left-leaning punk scene - started to question the intentions of the Bush Administration, but speaking out against the President wasn’t without risk in a traumatized post 9/11 society. Ask The Dixie Chicks (sorry, I mean The Chicks). Rise Against weren’t holding back and they funneled their emotions into highly melodic songs filled with unbridled energy. Every track on this album is an anthem. A lot has happened and changed since then (to the world and the band), but this album is still relatable and thanks to the superb song craft simply extremely enjoyable all these years later. 

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