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Billy Talent - Billy Talent

Billy Talent - Billy Talent

Some voices you either love or hate. Ben Kowalewicz has one of those voices - high-pitched, screechy, somewhere between singing and screaming. It got introduced to the world on Billy Talentís self-titled debut album. This is an album full of ultra-catchy anthems, meant to be shouted along to and presented with relentless and infectious energy. Angst meets anger. The true star of the show to me though is Ian DíSa, the guitarist. Not only does he have super cool hair, he shows what truly creative guitar playing without technical wizardry can sound like. His style is a unique hybrid of lead and rhythm, often creating hooks of its own but always in the service of the song. Billy Talent crafted†a sound thatís completely their own - one of the biggest compliments a band can get.

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