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Daeva - Through Sheer Will And Black Magic

Daeva - Through Sheer Will And Black Magic

If I had to sum it up I would say I love thrash metal for its celebration of the almighty riff and black metal for its sinister vibe, so of course Iím all over it when bands combine the two as greatly as Daeva do on their debut album ďThrough Sheer Will And Black MagicĒ. Itís aggressive, relentless and a whole lot of fun. Not only are they able to combine the best of several metal subgenres into a punishing whole, they also reference old school vibes from proto black metal (Iím sure young Quorthon would have approved of this) to early thrash to even some NWOBHM or punk while never sounding outdated. The ferocious energy pulls you in right from the start, but there is an underlying complexity that shows that these guys are outstanding musicians. On top of the maelstrom of riffs (garnished with some excellent soloing) and the savage drumming lay Edward Gonetís vocals that are drenched in so much glorious reverb that it sounds like heís barking at us straight from hell.

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