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John Lennon - Mind Games

John Lennon - Mind Games

Which Beatle had the best solo career has been up for debate for decades. If I was posed the famous island question and I could only bring records of one of them, I wouldnít have to think long. My choice would be John Lennon. In his best moments, he was able to write songs that evoke a certain feeling in me that I canít really find words for. They are comforting to me, a bit like a warm blanket. They appear hopeful despite an underlying sense of sadness or longing. The title track of ďMind GamesĒ is one of those songs. The album was criticized by some as being too safe after the highly political (and some may say at times at bit weird) ďSome Time in New York CityĒ, but to me it sounds more like a genius going back to what he did better than anybody else. You can study the chord progressions he used, the song structures, his melody lines and so on (Iím not a music theorist), but there is a certain magic about Lennon that nobody could replicate. This kind of indescribable quality is one of the things that make music so great. Sometimes, you canít explain it, you just feel it.

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