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Bryan Adams - Reckless

Bryan Adams - Reckless

I love that moment in “How I Met Your Mother” when Robin refers to Bruce Springsteen as the “American Bryan Adams”. Mr. Adams may have been compared to the Boss often, especially early in his career, but he clearly carved out his own path. First of all, I love his voice. I always wondered what it would have sounded like had he fronted a really hard rocking band. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what he actually did. His brightest moment to me was “Reckless”. It was his international breakthrough spawning six hit singles - among them all-time classics such as “Run To You” (my favorite Adams song despite the morally questionable subject matter. I wonder what his girlfriend thought of it when she heard it.), “Summer of ’69” (which was subsequently played by absolutely every single cover band on the planet), the (indeed heavenly) “Heaven” or “It’s Only Love” which the legendary Tina Turner made even better with her co-vocals. “Reckless” breaths the vibe of 80’s mainstream rock. In a good way. Because Adams is an amazing songwriter. Just like Bruce.

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