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Bob Vylan - The Price of Life

Bob Vylan - The Price of Life

Bob Vylan with their second album ďThe Price of LifeĒ is one of my favorite discoveries of 2022. For one, because I love how they absolutely donít give the slightest damn about who they could possibly offend with their biting commentary on life as part of the (specifically black) working class in the UK but also on topics such as Elvis or junk food. Yes, their rage has quite the variety of targets. But this wouldnít have blown me away the way it did if it wasnít such a wild ride musically. The opener makes you expect a Grime record, but then it branches out into all kinds of different directions. Thereís traces of hip hop, hardcore, metal, even some alt or Brit rock. They constantly keep you on your toes. Iím not sure in which genre section at the store I should put this. All of this is packaged into songs that somehow manage to be really catchy without any hints of poppiness whatsoever. These guys are really mad and they convert their righteous anger into an amazingly entertaining collection of brutally honest songs.

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