Record of the Day - 02/17/2022

White Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One

By 1992, the grunge and alternative rock revolution was in full swing and metal seemed to be a thing of the past. The musical landscape shifted drastically. Doors were opened for a new generation of bands that not just questioned but smashed the status quo of heavy music. So it seems fitting that a band that started out as weird noise rock project would find a way to make metal cool again. White Zombie completely transformed on “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music - Volume One” - our Record of the Day - and helped lead metal into the new decade. Instead of setting speed records or trying to look prettier than their girlfriends, they injected so much groove into each mean riff that you didn’t know whether to bang your head or shake your butt. It was bright, catchy, fun but still heavy as fuck and it appealed to the alternative kids as much as those who were still proudly wearing their Slayer shirts.

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