Record of the Day - 05-01-2022

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

I’m sure the guys in Rage Against The Machine would appreciate that we chose International Worker’s Day to make their groundbreaking self-titled debut album our Record of the Day. They weren’t the first ones that combined rapping with rock and metal, but they perfected it (and unfortunately inspired many bands that couldn’t even get close to their level). Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford built the rock-solid foundation which allowed Tom Morello to squeeze sounds so unusual out of his guitar that they felt the need to clarify that no samples, keyboards or synthesizers were used on the album, all while never forgetting that riffs are king. On top of all that Zack De La Rocha brought the rage, delivering his highly political lyrics with so much aggression and fervor that it was impossible not to be enraged, too. Even though they probably didn’t aim for that, they somehow managed to sound fun despite all the aggression and anger. Their music was as impactful as their message.

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